Should You Hire an Assistant for Your Insurance Business?

To say that the Annual Enrollment Period is an extremely busy time of year for insurance agents is a massive understatement. At Ritter Insurance Marketing, we know just how hectic AEP can get, and sometimes it’s a little overwhelming.

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As this year’s AEP is comes to a close, now is a good time to reflect on what you can do differently next year to help things run smoothly. One of the questions you may want to consider is: Should you hire an assistant?

Do You Have a Large Book of Business?

Having a lot of clients is fantastic. We know it took a lot of hard work and dedication to get you where you are today. That being said, the more clients you have, the busier your AEP is going to be.

One reason you may consider hiring an assistant (permanently or just during AEP) is to take some of the weight off your shoulders for scheduling appointments. If your phone is ringing so much that you struggle to find time to get work done, you may want to hire an assistant to answer phone calls for you and schedule your meetings. As long as you’re familiar with your clients’ needs before going into the appointment, there is no harm in having your assistant take over the scheduling aspect.

You can also bring your assistant along to the appointments to familiarize your clients with the new member of your team and to help your assistant learn more about the industry.

Do You Work Crazy Hours?

It’s great to put in a lot of time and effort into your job. After all, hard work is the key to success, right? While this is true, working too hard for too long can lead to burnout. You don’t want to jump into AEP at full speed only to be worn out by November.

Hiring an assistant may help you get your schedule back on track. If you find that you’re having to work a lot of nights and weekends, hiring an assistant could help you get your tasks done quickly during typical working hours.

Can You Afford it?

You probably won’t be able to find an assistant who’s willing to work for you for free, unless you hire an intern, which is also a viable option. You’ll have to consider how much you can afford to pay an assistant. Do you want a full-time or part-time assistant? It’s all dependent upon the needs of you and your business.

When budgeting, don’t forget to factor in the profits that an assistant can bring you. If they can help you boost your business and get more clients, that may outweigh what you pay your assistant in the long run. Evaluate the pros and cons and decide what’s best for you. You could also consider hiring a virtual assistant, as this may be a cheaper option.

Do You Have Too Many To-Dos on Your Checklist?

If you feel like you’re drowning in never-ending checklists, consider hiring an assistant to take some tasks off your plate. Having another person available to do tasks for you could significantly alleviate your stress and workload. You can also consider partnering with an FMO like Ritter Insurance Marketing to utilize our free Medicare Quote Engine to easily and efficiently find plans that fit your clients’ needs. As a Ritter agent, you’ll have access to the Platform, which helps you maintain client records and application submissions. You can also use the Tasks feature to schedule appointments and add notes for those clients.

You can hire an assistant and take advantage of these resources that Ritter offers to have a successful AEP every year!

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Being busy is a good thing! It means your business is booming and you’re becoming an even more successful agent as you gain more clients. Hiring an assistant may help you be more efficient during your busy season and even throughout the whole year. But, don’t forget: You can always count on the team at Ritter Insurance Marketing to help you thrive during AEP and all year long!

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