The Medicare Contracts You Want

The key to a successful Medicare business plan is a portfolio packed with the products your clients desire the most. We’ve already done the research to identify the most competitive plans in every corner of the country. All that’s left for you is to complete our simple Medicare agent training and get started selling.

Medicare Advantage

Broker commissions for Medicare Advantage sales continue to rise each year. We contract with the top regional and nationwide carriers so you can fill out a competitive portfolio no matter your market.

Why sell Medicare Advantage?

  • One in three Medicare beneficiaries choose MA plans.
  • Plans with no or low premiums offer flexibility for fixed-income seniors.
  • Enrollment in Medicare Advantage has increased by more than 10 million in a decade.

Medicare Supplements

Tried and true, Medicare Supplements are the simplest way to break into the senior market. We keep a close eye on the most competitive rates by zip code so you always know what plans clients want.

Why sell Medicare Supplements?

  • 90% of beneficiaries with Med Supp plans say they’re satisfied with their coverage.
  • Most carriers don’t require annual certifications to sell.
  • Production often qualifies for carrier trips and bonuses as well as Ritter’s Quest for Cash!

Want to get started in Medicare Supplement sales? Start with our completely free Medicare Supplement sales guide!

Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)

Prescription drug plans pair perfectly with Medicare Supplement sales to ensure your clients can afford their necessary prescriptions.

Why sell prescription drug plans?

  • Original Medicare and Med Supp don’t include prescription drug coverage.
  • 91% of seniors take at least one prescription drug monthly.
  • Prescription drug plans provide essential coverage to clients on fixed incomes.

Our dedicated agent account specialists can help you decide which competitive plans to add to your portfolio.