Steps to Selling Medicare Advantage
Learning to Sell | Lesson 1


Once you’ve done an initial needs assessment for your client, you may find a Medicare Advantage plan to be the right fit.

But how do you nurture a Medicare Advantage prospect into a Medicare Advantage client?

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Finding the right Medicare Advantage plan for your client begins with an initial needs assessment, and we’ve covered that in a previous module.

Be sure to go back and review it if you haven’t already!

In this module, we’ll take that needs assessment one step further and review the steps to present and enroll your client in a Medicare Advantage plan.

We’ll cover reviewing specific needs, presenting the plans, and, of course, enrolling your client in the plan.

We’ve previously discussed some of the compliance requirements in our Sales Appointment Basics module, so we won’t review that again here.

But keep in mind, your client must have Medicare Advantage marked on the Scope of Appointment before moving into the steps discussed in this module.

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