How to Sell Final Expense Insurance — The Complete GuideAbout Our Final Expense eBook

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What is final expense insurance? To consumers, it’s a form of life insurance meant to help cover the policyholder’s end-of-life expenses. To agents, it’s an easy and extremely worthwhile product to market and sell!

Sadly, we all die, don’t we? You can help your clients afford their final wishes and ease the burden on their friends and families when that difficult time comes.

How does final expense insurance work? What’s the art of selling final expense policies? We answer these questions AND provide you with other useful information, tips, and tools in our newest guide.

Your Free Guide to Selling Final Expense

To help new and experienced insurance agents maximize their books of business and sales success, we’ve created an eBook that details how to start selling final expense insurance and the tools and tips for selling final expense insurance like the pros. You can make a lot of money with this product, if you know what you’re doing and have the drive and determination to make it happen.

Why is this guide free? We’re committed to helping agents like you grow your business however we can! We hope this guide helps show you that we’re credible, serious, and sincere industry experts ready to assist you!

What’s Inside The Complete Guide on How to Sell Final Expense Insurance?

The Complete Guide on How to Sell Final Expense Insurance covers basic information, like the types of plans available, to higher-level info, like who needs final expense insurance. If you’re new to this product, you should find the info on final expense licensing and certification requirements and contracting helpful. If you’ve been selling product for years, we think you’ll like our tips for your final expense presentation and prequalifying clients. We believe agents of all levels can take at least one useful tidbit away from this guide.

Download this eBook today to learn more about:

  • The different types of final expense plans and their benefits
  • Why final expense insurance is worth selling and buying
  • How the premiums, beneficiaries, and payouts work
  • What’s required for selling final expense insurance
  • How to pick final expense plans to add to your portfolio
  • Final expense marketing ideas and ways to generate leads
  • What ideal clients and the target market for these plans look like
  • Tools for quoting final expense and prequalifying and enrolling clients
  • Tips to help you improve your sales success and manage your business

BONUS: This eBook also includes an effective final expense phone script and a handy one-page fact finder!

Not Sure If Selling Final Expense Insurance Is for You?

Selling final expense policies isn’t for everyone. We get that. Before you decide to exclude it from your portfolio, we just want to encourage you to make sure you do your research first. We don’t want you to miss out on any valuable sales opportunities! Also, why not offer something that’s so easy to sell, especially for other agents willing to sell to your current clients?

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