Inspiring Ritter Success Stories from Three Top Insurance Agents

Many professionals look for inspiration to be and do better within their industry, and insurance agents seeking inspiration can harness it to cultivate business success.

One of the best ways to search for inspiration is from other people in a community. Here at Ritter Insurance Marketing, our staff and agents are a community (and we invite you to join us if you haven’t already)! Recently, we’ve heard some amazing Ritter success stories from agents, and we’d like to share them with you.

Check out these interviews with some of the top agents in our community to fuel your creativity and motivation!

Joe Ritter

Joe’s been a long-time insurance agent, starting at Colonial Penn right out of college. After seven years, he decided to found his own business selling insurance. From the humble beginning of Googling “how to get set up with an FMO” to being one of Ritter’s top-producing agents, Joe has decidedly walked the path to success.

Aside from being drawn to Ritter as his field marketing organization (FMO) because of the shared name, Joe chose Ritter as a partner because of our company’s simple and easy approach to business, including our easy-to-use Ritter Platform. He also enjoys Ritter’s family-owned vibe, where no agent is just a National Producer Number (NPN) and finds great value in our exclusive marketing co-op!

Check out the rest of Joe’s story!


Rhonda Cooper

Prior to entering the Medicare insurance industry, Rhonda worked as a medical technologist. She “retired” from her first career and embarked on a new journey, becoming a licensed insurance agent for her 65th birthday! With the help of Ritter, she expanded her portfolio to become a well-rounded independent agent. She enjoys a profession that allows her to help her clients face to face and change their lives.

As a valued partner with Ritter, Rhonda utilizes and appreciates our inclusive Platform, with the Drug Cost Estimator and Provider Lookup features, takes advantage of easy contracting with Contract Now, and enjoys annual Ritter Summits. Additionally, she’s grateful that she’s “always able to get through to Ritter” on the phone for help and support.

Check out the rest of Rhonda’s story!


April Romanowski

After a brief stint as a school counselor, April entered the insurance world as a temp for a local carrier. She loved that job so much, it turned into a career of 19 years! For the past three years, she’s enjoyed working as an independent agent within a small agency, still putting her counseling skills to work as she helps her clients find the best coverage possible.

April feels that Ritter always comes out on top as an FMO, providing her the sales tools she needs to provide excellent service to her clients.

Check out the rest of April’s story!


● ● ●

While you can’t make inspiration come to you, you can set yourself up for success by cultivating a strong professional network, leaning on industry experts, and keeping an open mind. We hope you feel more encouraged than ever to be the best insurance agent you can be.

Research shows that “work mastery” is a key ingredient to finding inspiration. Ritter is ready to help you excel in this industry by providing the support and resources these top agents rely on. Register on today for free to join a community of insurance professionals all cheering each other on toward success!

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