Sell More Medicare Plans Online with Medicareful

Medicareful streamlines the way you sell Medicare. Exclusively available through Ritter Insurance Marketing, this must-have tool helps you quote faster, generate leads 24/7, stay CMS compliant, and more!

It starts with collecting compliant permission to contact and electronic Scope of Appointments. When a consumer selects “Contact us” and completes the form on your site, Medicareful creates a compliant eSOA and sends you a notification to set an appointment.

From there, you can provide consumer-facing quotes for plans available in that client’s zip code. Whether you meet in person, or conveniently share a specific plan through email, comparing a consumer’s Medicare options has never been easier. Clients can filter by plan type, premium, and much more to get a good look at what’s a good fit.

Finally, by contracting with select carriers through Ritter Insurance Marketing, your clients can enroll directly on your site.

Even when you’re off the clock, your Medicareful site continues to generate leads and promotes your Medicare business. Because we all want more time for what really matters.

Discover what’s possible with Medicareful.

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