Turn Social Security Prospects into Medicare Clients: Become a Registered Social Security Analyst

Anyone who works in the Medicare industry or has signed up for Social Security knows it can be a tricky road to navigate. The ins and outs, and what’s and how to’s can leave anyone stranded with their wheels spinning.

Imagine the frustration your clients feel, or have felt, enrolling for their hard-earned and entitled retirement income. What if you could provide another value-added service for them, their families, and their friends?

Ritter Insurance Marketing has entered an exciting partnership with Registered Social Security Analysts (RSSA®), and this affiliation gives our partnered agents a new and unique opportunity to increase their sales in 2024 and beyond!

Agents can save $1,500 on RSSA® designation using Ritter’s affiliate link! Contact your sales specialist for details.

Let’s explore some details of the RSSA® program and how becoming a Registered Social Security Analyst can strengthen your sales strategy.

What Is the RSSA® Program?

The RSSA® Program is a turn-key Social Security education, technology, marketing, and support program designed to turn insurance agents into trusted Social Security experts.

Earning the RSSA® credential is a four-step pathway:

  1. Sign up
  2. Take the course
  3. Pass the exam
  4. Receive support

The RSSA® eLearning Curriculum includes five self-study modules that provide a solid knowledge of Social Security concepts including:

  • Strategies to maximize Social Security benefits
  • Windfall elimination provision
  • Spousal benefits
  • Government pension offset
  • RSSA Roadmap® Social Security Optimization Software training
  • Survivor and disability benefits
  • Delayed retirement benefits

A perk to the RSSA® program is the continuing education and assistance you receive after successfully joining. As an RSSA®, you’ll be provided with ongoing updates and training opportunities on the latest Social Security rule changes and have experts ready to assist with client cases and Social Security questions.

Why Become an RSSA®?

A 2019 report by Capital One United Income found that 96 percent of people don’t optimize their Social Security. This could be for any number of reasons, but we suspect that a lack of information and knowledge is chief among them. Beneficiaries might not be aware of all they are entitled to or how to get it. Since claiming Social Security is a once and done process, it’s imperative to get it right the first time.

Becoming an RSSA® will differentiate you as an agent and provide you with the expertise to help your prospects and clients with their Social Security questions and claiming decisions. Additionally, having this in-depth Social Security knowledge will allow you to build client trust and rapport and open the door for organic Medicare insurance sales. With an increased probability of Medicare sales also comes the opportunity to cross-sell and grow your life, annuity and ancillary product sales!

Learn more about cross-selling by downloading our guide!

You’ll also gain a new avenue for acquiring prospective T65 sales leads via the Find An RSSA feature on the RSSA® website. Individuals can search by state, name, or both to find an RSSA® to assist them. This produces the opportunity for you to be placed in front of more people so you can build a funnel of Medicare opportunities. And once you’ve earned the RSSA® credential, you can market your business using RSSA® branded marketing materials like:

  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Branded envelopes
  • Report covers

Learn More

If you’re interested in getting first-hand details on this opportunity, we recorded our webinar with RSSA®. You can hear more about how Social Security planning with your prospects and clients will lead to organic Medicare sales opportunities.

Watch the recording now

Topics covered include:

  • What the RSSA® program is and what is included
  • How the RSSA® program will help your insurance business
  • Why Social Security planning is important for your prospects & clients
  • How becoming an RSSA® will differentiate you as an agent
  • How to get started if the RSSA® program is a good fit for your insurance business
● ● ●

If you’re looking to be more than just another insurance agent for Medicare-eligible prospects and clients, adding the RSSA® credential to your business is something worthwhile to consider! If you aren’t a Ritter agent yet, complete a quick registration to gain our sales tools and support. With the knowledge and tools both Ritter and RSSA® can provide, your sales success will be unstoppable!

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