The Ritter Platform Launches Health Risk Assessment Info & Access for Submissions

The Ritter Platform has been enhanced for the 2024 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Our comprehensive agent dashboard now includes access for health risk assessment (HRA) instructions and completion for enrollment submission!

You’re likely familiar with the importance and benefits of completing HRAs for clients enrolling in Medicare Advantage plans. You probably also know that each carrier has different deadlines, instructions, and applicable plans for HRAs. When you’re in the rush of AEP, you don’t have time to sift through multiple platforms to find this information for every carrier.

Luckily for Ritter agents, HRA details are now located on the Submissions tab in the Ritter Platform!

HRA Platform Integration

Ritter Docs already features an HRA Instructions section which provides pertinent info for many carriers. We’ve taken this resource a few steps further by including HRA access within the Platform’s Submissions tab.

Within your view of submission records, an HRA column is now visible. This column lists either a deadline for HRA completion or a clickable Instructions link.

Ritter Platform HRA Submission Records View

Clicking the Instructions link generates an expanded drop-down menu that includes:

  • HRA submission deadlines
  • Carrier-specific instructions on Ritter Docs
  • List of applicable plans
  • Direct links for HRA completion

Ritter Platform HRA Instructions Expanded View

Within this view, you have access to everything you need to successfully and easily complete HRAs for all your submissions. Since HRAs can be a time-sensitive task, this new feature is essential for enabling fast and comprehensive enrollment submissions.

See This Feature in Action

We’ve created a quick and helpful video tutorial to get you ready to start using this function right away!


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We hope this Platform enhancement simplifies your enrollment process and makes completing HRAs quick and easy. We’re dedicated to helping you work smarter, not harder, and surpass your sales AEP goals, If you’re not partnered with us yet, register on for free to unlock this feature and so much more!

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