Prepare for the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period with Ritter’s New Video Series

Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) prep has many moving parts and can involve a host of different resources and platforms.

We know everyone has a preferred method of receiving info whether it be through email, blog posts, podcast, etc. We’re proud to add a digital video experience to your learning options for quick carrier highlights and more.

Read on to learn about our new AEP Kickoff Video Series!

What Is the AEP Kickoff Video Series?

We’ve released seven comprehensive videos delivering a ton of great information you’ll want to hear before AEP. Our goal is to help you confidently enter Medicare’s busy season equipped with the knowledge and resources you need. Here’s the lineup of videos in this series, featuring members of Ritter’s dedicated sales staff!

AEP Kickoff Video Series Lineup

What Do These Videos Cover?

Our carrier highlight videos put a spotlight on a handful of the preferred carriers we offer contracting for. You’ll get details on the benefits of selling each of these carriers’ plans for not only your clients, but you, too!

The carrier pages video walks you through how to use this resource and reveals why it’s an essential component to your business. These pages provide an overview of each company Ritter is partnered with, listing information to help you achieve successful application submissions, complete annual certifications, and easily locate important dates and contact information for each carrier.

Lastly, the product-specific videos give tips on how to best present these coverage options alongside Medicare plans. Even with the most robust plans available, coverage gaps can occur. Offering plans that can supplement your clients’ Medicare coverage means more commissions for you and happy, well-cared for clients!

Where Can I Start Watching?

You can sit back and enjoy our special AEP video series on Ritter Docs.*

If accessing from the Ritter Docs’ homepage, click on the Products tab and then click on the AEP Kickoff page.

Once you’re done watching, we encourage you to take inventory of the other information right at your fingertips on Ritter Docs. Compliance requirements, product/carrier info, and Ritter tools details — it’s all on Ritter Docs!

● ● ●

We hope our AEP Kickoff Video Series will be the perfect addition to your busy season prep. Happy watching!

If you aren’t a Ritter agent yet, be sure to complete your fast and free registration on so you can watch these videos and more!

*You must log in to to watch the AEP Kickoff Video Series.

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